Lesson 2

The Ramp icon The Ramp or Inclined Plane

The Wedge Connection::

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If you will recall the graphics of the inclined plane and the wedge from Activity 1, there are some similarities. Confer with your partner and make a list of how the wedge and inclined plane are similar. (Be sure to consider both form and function) Record your list in your lab packet.

If we were able to secure the stone so it could move only up or down and instead of pushing the stone, we were able to move the inclined plane, what would happen to the stone?

Click and push Harry's wedge and handle forward to move the wedge and to lift the crate. Record your answers to these questions in your lab packet.

What happens to the stone as Harry pushes the inclined plane?

In what direction is Harry applying the force?

In what direction is the force acting on the crate?

Which is moving the most, The inclined plane or the crate?

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Discuss with your partner and predict which force is greater: the force Harry is applying to the magical weightless inclined plane or the force acting on the stone. Explain your answers using complete sentences.

Remember: Work = Force x Distance force moves