How to use:
  Earth Viewer:
    Click on any point on the earth to see the sky at midnight for the date listed.

  Disantance (fov angle):
    Field of View, or relative distance from the starfield.  Has a range from 20 to 180 degrees
  Show Constellation Lines:
    When Selected, the blue constellation guide lines are displayed.
  Show Constellation Names:
    When Selected, the red constellation names are displayed.
  Use New Constellations:
    When Selected, the new Constellation lines and names are displayed.

    Click on the buttons to increase/decrease the date by the ammount shown.
    You can also increase/decrease the starlight intensity detail of the starfield.

  Date: (internal date)
  Sun and Earth Viewer:
    Shows current tilt and orientation of the earth relative to the sun (white circle)