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Level: 8

Science 3240 - Eighth Grade Integrated Science

Utah State Core Standard: 3240-03

Students will relate forces and motion.

Utah State Core Objective: 3240-0301
Demonstrate the results of forces.

Utah State Intended Learning Outcomes:

  1. Use Basic Science Process Skills
    1. Make observations and measurements (uses instruments as appropriate).
    2. Make estimations and predictions based on observations and current knowledge.
  2. Use Integrated Science Process Skills
    1. Identify variables and describe relationships between them.
    2. Formulate research questions and hypotheses.
    3. Collect and record data using procedures designed to minimize error.
    4. Analyze data and draw warranted inferences.
  3. Understand Science Concepts, Principles, and Systems
    1. Know science terminology appropriate to grade level.
    2. Know basic science facts appropriate to grade level.


Activity One:

This lesson reviews the basic "feel" we all have for what speed is and introduces the means for calculation and composition of various average speeds. Students calculate average speed of various snowmobiles and predict the outcome of a race.

Activity Two:

This lesson will explore how the force of gravity, acts upon a luge and rider. It teaches how gravity has an influence on speed and time of the luge run. Students will select various values for gravity and collect times for luge runs.

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